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4 Simple Ways to Assess Your Online Dating Choices

OnlineDatingChoices_400So many online profiles, so little time. Here are four easy ways to categorize your date-worthy matches. From Love at First Click: The Ultimate Guide to Online Dating.

When viewing a profile, you think either (A) definitely yes, (B) OK, (C) maybe, or (D) no way. But simplicity can be deceiving. Here’s what these categories translate into:

• A list. Someone on your A list is ideal. He or she is incredibly attractive and seems to have every single quality you’re looking for.

• B list. Potential mates on this list have most of the traits you’re looking for in a date but are (or seem to be) missing a few things. They’re OK but not your top choices.

• C list. The matches on this list leave you undecided. Perhaps they’re funny but not so cute. Or they’re good-looking, but wit is lacking. Some qualities are great, and some aren’t, so you’re torn.

• D list. There’s nothing about these profiles that strikes you as attractive, and you can often make this determination rather quickly.


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