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5 Last-Minute, Modern Classic Gifts for Mom

gift_400Moms are notorious for not doing nice things for themselves. They take care of both the little and not-so-little kids in their lives, often neglecting their own comforts for the sake of others. It’s time to do something really special for the woman who gave you life. Instead of settling for the traditional flowers or chocolate, why not give her something that she would never get for herself? A small indulgence can transport her to a different world, one in which she can actually has time for pampering. Luxury looks good on everyone.

Ceramic mixing bowls
Your mom has probably been using the same stainless-steel mixing bowls since you were born. Update them with a pair of nesting stoneware bowls. Pretty enough for kitchen-to-table use, these bowls will make her feel like her home in the ‘burbs is a Tuscan farmhouse.

High-Tech Keychain
If your mom is getting older, or perhaps just as occasionally absentminded as her child (ahem), the Bluetooth tracking tag will ensure that she never loses her keys again. The ingenious little device also works in reverse: It will sound an alert on your cell phone at the touch of a button. This one is pretty in rosewood, too.

Jacobsen Sea Salt Gift Set
Specialty Salt Set
Remember the brownies mom used to bake? Pay her back by gifting the tools to make her adult brownies better. Flavored salts can transform the everyday baked good. Stumptown espresso, vanilla bean, and pinot noir are just a few options that will elevate her next batch to something really special. You can even DIY it and make flavored salt yourself. Put it in a pretty little mason jar, and your mom will love the extra personal touch.

LL Bean Slippers
Perfect Slippers
Nothing beats a pair of cozy slippers on a winter morning. These always-fashionable camp moccasins will make her feet sing with pleasure. She can treat her feet well first thing in the morning and stay comfy all day with these bad boys—even if she has to take the dog out or get in the car.

Fresh Oval Soap
The Best Soap
These vegetable soaps are as beautiful as they are fabulous. The lather is a soft, moisturizing foam with tiny bubbles that will make your mom feel like she is at a spa, not in her own shower. The fragrances are all lovely but subtle and every one is a winner. Base your choice on which beautiful wrapping you like best. These huge bars last a long time, so mom will congratulate you on getting a good value, too.


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