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The Easiest 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

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The holidays are upon us again, and that means another stressed-filled shopping season. Shopping is exhausting, sure, but searching through dozens of gift guides tailored to the generic dad, sister, best friend, girlfriend, and/or boyfriend in your life is frankly annoying. That’s why we’ve put together a small but spot-on list of home, fashion, and beauty essentials that can truly work for everyone you cherish enough to gift this season.

1. Lush Sea Spray $15
If you or someone you know is definitely a summer person, nothing will make them feel better than smelling the sea in their hair and tossing their wavy “beach hair” around in 20-degree weather. Maybe boho waves look a little strange in the dead of winter, but paired with a slouchy cashmere beanie it will look more like carefree winter waves (and smell like the ocean).


2. Sleep Mask $24
The cutest and most effective way to get shut eye during your travels this holiday season is a cat eye sleep mast. These make a great gift for sister, mother, friend… You can also pick up a basic eye mask (without the adorable cat ears) at Muji or Flight for the men in your life. They might chuckle but trust me, they will thank you after a restful (ish) flight home.

3. Chemex Coffee Pot $44
Chemex makes the chicest pour-over coffee maker. You will want to adorn your countertop with this even if you never use it. Pour Over coffee tastes amazing but people are never really inclined to buy one for home so this is the perfect unexpected gift. Give it with a pound of coffee specially ground for the cone filter. (Throw in a box of filters , too). This edition is from TOM’S (as in TOM’S shoes) and for each purchase Tom’s and Chemed will each give one week of safe water to a person in need.

4. Vitamix $449
The Vitamix will change the way you look at blenders. This sacred device lives in every chef’s kitchen…it is the blender of blenders. And a blender is one thing people rarely buy for themselves, let alone a Vitamix. That’s what makes this the perfect gift. The recipient will be beside themselves with excitement and spend the entire night imagining all the soups, sauces and smoothies they’ll whip up.

5. Gemini Stovetop Espresso Maker $45 ($36 for members)
The holidays can be rough–you will need plenty of coffee to get you through. This stove-top espresso machine looks pretty amazing. It will look so great on your stove even if you don’t use it. All the innovative and cool designy stuff is available at MoMa. Luckily this is actually useful and it comes with two cups and saucers. Give this with a pound of espresso coffee to an avid coffee-drinker and they’ll be excited.

6. Cuyana Travel Case Set $110
This lovely pebbled leather travel case duo comes in an assortment of colors with optional monogramming. These can also easily be used for everyday toiletry and make-up bags (one for home and one for the handbag).

7. Smart Phone Gloves from J.Crew $98
Gloves are essential for the wintertime but so are phones, all the time. If it were up to me, all gloves would have smartphone fingertips. Smart gloves are a great gift for anyone on your list and they are available just about anywhere for a range of prices.


8. Catbird Earrings $38
I love this delicate bar earring that climbs up the earlobe. It is the perfect gift for your (younger and probably cooler) sister-in-law or funky best friend. And at $38 for the silver, you should definitely pick a pair up for yourself! (Also available in gold for $74).

9. Moleskine Smart Notebook $33
Moleskine has somehow married traditional pen and paper with the digital world. When you pair this smart notebook with the Creative Cloud app you can turn hand-drawn sketches into fully workable digital files. It synchs your notes and drawings with the Adobe Cloud. Moleskine also has an endless variety of classic notebooks, city-focused notebooks or themed—they even have special pens. A Notebook is always a useful gift—even kids (there is a Harry Potter themed moleskine and Game of Thrones…)

10. Dyson Hair Dryer $400
Ok, this might be one of those fancy gifts you only buy for yourself—but it is worth the splurge. Dyson is the master of functional and smart design for all sorts of home gadgets; it was only a matter of time before they reinvented the clunky and cumbersome hair dryer.

11. Rodin Lavender Face Oil $170
This amazing and celebrity coveted face oil is the most luxurious product, and you should either own it or gift to someone very special.


12. Block Shop Print Scarf $120
This block-print scarf was handmade in India and is absolutely gorgeous. The brand sells pillows and rugs, too. The colors are muted and neutral so they will blend seamlessly with your mom’s wardrobe or your sister’s..or your wife’s…or yours.


13. Chunky Hand-Knit Throw, Restoration Hardware $395
These gorgeous blankets are hand-knit with a chunky weave that makes them ultra cozy and they come in the perfect natural shades that will match any decor.

14. Cuyana Classic Leather Tote $175
This pebbled leather tote with zip top is a supple and beautiful tote to carry all the essentials and then some. It is also a nice departure from the open Madewell leather tote bags you see all over town.


15. No.6 Store Clog Boots $390
The clog is here to stay and the No.6 Brand makes the best around. These clog boots are also available in a low heel height, other colors and some with shearling lining. This basic leather clog is a great staple for fall, winter and early spring. It is durable and cool and is the perfect gift for girlfriend, wife or sister.

If you still cant decide what to get maybe consider donating to your favorite organization in someone’s name and send them the certificate. A few worthy organizations are the ACLU, Planed Parenthood, NAACP, The National Women’s Law Center, Greenpeace, Rainforest Alliance…and even your local church groups or community centers.

We are all responsible for each other in this world. Helping out should always be on the top of our list.
Happy Holidays!


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