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Holiday Gift Idea: Candle-Making Checklist

CandleMaking_300Homemade candles are a great gift idea, but be sure to follow these safety tips before you start melting wax. From Homemade: The Heart and Science of Handcrafts.

• Melt wax in a double boiler.

• Replenish the water in the double boiler.

• Use a wax or candy thermometer.

• Know the wax’s melt point and pouring temperature.

• Never leave wax unattended on the stove.

• Remove smoking wax from the stove immediately!

• Read the manufacturer’s recommendations when choosing wax, molds, and wicks.

• Allow ample ventilation when making candles, especially when using fragrance oil.

• Add scent to liquid wax just before pouring, when the wax is off-heat, to avoid dissipating the fragrance through evaporation.

• Preheat molds and containers before pouring in hot wax.

• Do not flush hot liquid wax down the drain. Let unwanted wax cool and harden for proper disposal.

• Do not microwave wax.


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