Your Fix: Halloween Hangover

Emily Lyman has a penchant for organization and ruthlessly keeps only those things that bring her joy. Her life goals are to travel always, read everything, and perfect the selfie. Because let's be honest, posing for a selfie is really the most awkward feeling one can have while taking a photo.

halloweenHalloween spending is expected to hit a record $9.1 billion this year according to CNBC. That’s a lot of candy corn. And face paint.

If you’re prepared, you already have your house decorated and your Halloween costume on standby. Feel free to skip all of this talking and head straight to the links on safety tips and cures for the Halloween hangover. (American’s consume 4% of their yearly candy intake in one night during Halloween).

If you’d rather wing it last minute, we’ve rounded up a few costume ideas that won’t take forever and a day to put together. Papier-mâché definitely not required.

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