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Finding Inner Peace during the Holiday Season Frenzy

Holiday_Mess_400Between agitating over the perennial what to wear, where to go, what to buy, how to pay, and why you ate so much, the time between now and New Year’s can be filled with high-octane stress. However, there are safe ways to self-medicate that have nothing to do with booze, pills, or acute psychotherapy.

Here are some of my easiest organizing tips that will leave you feeling calmer, more in control, and believe it or not, more festive this holiday season.

• Clean out your underwear drawer. Anything ripped or saggy goes straight in the trash. Then, move the sassy to the front, and you might end up wearing them!

• Throw out any and all pens or markers in your house that are out of ink. If you have kids, make it a game for them to hunt, peck, and test out the goods. Once you’ve grouped them together, you’ll likely to find that you DON’T need to restock anytime soon.

• Don’t just look in that medicine cabinet—throw out every prescription or medication that has outlived its expiration date. Not only will you have more room for great creams (go ahead, buy yourself a new one now that you have room!), but your skin may be more luminous for having invested this time.

• Audit your electronics. Loose wires, old chargers, and extra remotes do not make for lovely objects d’arts. Chuck with bravado.

• Clean out your fridge and pantry. Expired goods, crusty-almost-done jelly jars, anything unrecognizable—out! You may not actually lose weight in doing this—but your kitchen sure as heck will.

• Bid adieu to all of your mismatched socks. They’ve been hanging around all year waiting for their sole mate. If a sock’s mate hasn’t appeared yet, they’re divorced for good.

I recommend committing to at least one or two of these a week, prior to New Year’s week, to ensure maximum peace of mind.


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