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Clinton Kelly’s DIY Holiday Decorations

FreakinFab_glitzynuts_300 Add some seasonal sparkle to your home with these Glitzy Cones and Snazzy Nuts. With just a handful of inexpensive materials, they’re a snap to create.

Nothing says party time like shine, shine, shine! It’s the same thing with an outfit. People always ask me, “What should I wear New Year’s Eve?” And I always say, “Something shiny.”

Pinecones bring the outdoors in and add a nice seasonal touch during fall and winter. But why have a pile of brown pinecones sitting around when you can have Freakin’ Fabulous metallic ones? They are soooooo much better than the prescented potpourri kind sold in the supermarket—those things will look awful in your house . . . trust me. Nothing unfabulouses a room like a waft of cheap potpourri. It always makes me feel like the home owner is trying to mask the scent of a Number Two.

Glityzy cones and snazzy nuts method

Metallic spray paints, pinecones and nuts, spray adhesive, plastic bags, glitter

1) For simple spray-painted nuts and pinecones, follow the method for gourds.

2) To make glitzy nuts and pinecones, begin by spraying nuts or pinecones with spray adhesive. Place the nuts and pinecones in a plastic bag filled with glitter. Shake well to coat.

3) Allow to dry and display. Instant glitz and glamour!



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