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Clinton Kelly’s Fabulous DIY Gift Idea: Terrariums

FreakinFab_terrariums_300Nothing beats the gift of green in the dead of winter. And since these terrariums feature hard-to-kill succulents, they’re especially great for your black-thumbed friends and family members.

My passion for terrariums originated with an orphaned newt in the ’70s. Along with Dorothy Hamill haircuts and “The Hustle,” terrariums were kind of a big deal in that decade. When I was six, I found a newt and let it live in our terrarium. So maybe the newt was more newt-napped than orphaned, but I soon felt bad for the little guy. He looked so sad despite his chic new home, so I put him back in the great outdoors. But terrariums still hold a special place in my heart. Aside from providing temporary shelter for small creatures, terrariums add life to a room, but can run up to $200 in home furnishing stores. My version will set you back a fraction of that. Even if you’ve killed every plant in your life, succulents are pretty hard to destroy. The layering adds great texture and a little bit of pattern to a room. Everyone should have at least one living, breathing thing in their house. Sorry, your husband doesn’t count.

1) Begin by adding alternating layers of soil and sand to the jar.

2) Continue adding soil and sand, pressing firmly after each layer, until layers are about halfway up the jar.

3) Now add plants, moss, and stones, and display. Spend all that money you saved on a new pair of shoes!



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