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Books I Like to Give: 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

The gift-giving season has finally arrived! It’s that time of year again where we’re all frantically online shopping and running around around our local malls to find the perfect presents for our loved ones. Determining your friend or family member’s book choice this year is a great way to guarantee they’ll love your present. Here are some holiday gift ideas that you can’t go wrong with this season. 

Books I Like to Give…

…To My Grandma Who Wants to Try Out a New Cookie Recipe for the Family:

Is your grandma always trying to think of new, unique recipes to bring to family dinners? Then, she’ll be super excited to receive BAKING ALL YEAR ROUND by Rosanna Pansino this holiday season! She’ll be able to sort through more than eighty-five recipes for various special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Christmas, New Years, and more!

…To My Sister Who Just Binged-Watched All of Game of Thrones:

Signe Pike’s debut novel, THE LOST QUEEN, begins the trilogy of the untold story of Queen Languoreth (twin sister of the man who inspired the legend of Merlin). It’s a tale focusing on bravery, family, and love. Perfect to give as a new read for your sister!

…To My Aspiring Handyman Dad, Who Just Wants to Finish the Drawer Set He Bought from Ikea:

HANDCRAFTED can inspire your dad this holiday season with Fixer Upper carpenter Clint Harp’s story of how he started his woodworking career from the ground up. The book revolves around family values, pursuing your passion, and achieving your goals–all positive influences for the holidays! You never know, it might also encourage your dad to finish setting up that new drawer set that’s been stored up in the basement for the last three months…

…To My Favorite Aunt Who Loves Checking Her Horoscope–and Everyone Else’s:

THE MIXOLOGY OF ASTROLOGY by Aliza Kelly Faragher is PERFECT for an aunt (or any family member!) who happens to be a fan of both zodiac signs and cocktails. There’s a tasty adult beverage to match every astrological sign in this quick read. Your aunt will be sure to go around the holiday dinner table to tell every family member what their drink of choice is for the special occasion. 

…To My Mom, Who’s Looking for Inspiration on How to Decorate the Dinner Table This Holiday Season:

WHISKEY IN A TEACUP by Reese Witherspoon is the perfect gift for Mom with its unique recipes and decor ideas for around the house. Mom can use this book to her advantage this holiday season, by using Reese as inspiration for her own family parties.

…To My Best Friend Who Still Watches Freaks & Geeks Before Bed Every Night:

THIS WILL ONLY HURT A LITTLE by Busy Philipps is the perfect celebrity memoir for your bestie this holiday season. The book battles topics like sexism and bullying in a candid read that is relatable to audiences. Your best friend will also be sure to get the scoop on all of James Franco’s crazy antics on the set of FREAKS AND GEEKS (Who doesn’t love a little tea spilling?).

…To My Quirky Next Door Neighbor Who Loves Reciting Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt One-Liners:

Ellie Kemper’s comedic, relatable narration of her own life is a must-read that your neighbor won’t be able to put down. MY SQUIRREL DAYS chronicles Ellie’s life from moving to Los Angeles all the way to her landing TV show UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT. It’ll give you and your neighbor something to laugh and chat about during your morning newspaper run-ins!

…To My Uncle Who Never Says No to a Good Non-Fiction Book:

THE LIBRARY BOOK by Susan Orlean is perfect to give as a gift to your uncle who needs a new historical read. It has history, insight, and heart with the retelling of the fire that happened the morning of April 29th in 1986 in the Los Angeles Public Library. Orlean chronicles the events of that day in a way that makes it feel like you were there to witness it! Your uncle will be sure to fill you in on the major points of this intriguing read in between courses of your annual holiday family dinner.

…To My Cousin Who Only Talks About Chip & Joanna Gaines During Holiday Parties:

MAKE SOMETHING GOOD TODAY by Erin & Ben Napier is a solid pick for your favorite cousin this holiday season. You two can discuss your love of HGTV while flipping through the pages to find out how Erin and Ben were able to make their hit show Home Town a reality!

…To My History-Loving Grandpa:

LEADERSHIP by Doris Kearns Goodwin is a great addition to your grandpa’s bookshelf. He can learn more about Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson and how they came to be great leaders in the country.

Photo by Kira auf der Heide on Unsplash.


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