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5 Motivating Books to Read Based on Your New Year’s Resolution

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2019 has finally arrived, and you know what that means: New Year, New You! Everyone has at least one goal they want to pursue in the new year, and isn’t it better to get started early to ensure you achieve it? Whether you’re focused on fitness, finances, or something else, we have the inspirational book for you. Here’s what to pick up based on your New Year’s resolution:

If Your New Year’s Resolution Is…

….To Save More So You Can Afford That New iPhone

I think we can all agree that spending money is SO much easier than saving. Are you tired of calculating whether or not you have enough money for rent this month and cash for the bar?  Well, now’s the time to break those poor spending habits by finally tucking away some extra change this New Year. BAD WITH MONEY by Gaby Dunn can advise you on how to save in a reasonable, non-painful way.

….To Eat Healthier for a Head Start on Swimsuit Season

Finding healthy, delicious, and easy-to-cook meals can be a struggle. In FIT MEN COOK by Kevin Curry, you’ll find over a hundred flavorful recipes that’ll help to encourage better eating habits and are also super easy to make. Once you start cooking these recipes, you might even prefer meal prepping, compared to ordering pizza for the third night in a row.

….To Find Your Dream Job by Pursuing Your Passion

TAKE THE LEAP by Sara Bliss will give you the confidence you need to finally pursue your goals in the New Year. Do you want to start your own company? Create your own App? Make a podcast? You can do it! Sara Bliss explains how you should take risks in order to follow your dreams, and shares examples of real-life people who have made big career changes. Your happiness is ultimately up to you, and you should do what you can in order to find success.

….To Stop Swiping Left and Start Saying Yes to Love

The fresh start of a new year has a way of giving you the encouragement you need in order to find that special someone, and so does HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYONE by Mandy Len Catron. This book will let you to see that you have the opportunity to write your own love story and that finding someone is actually easier than you think. Romance is everywhere in 2019!

….To Get Fit by Jogging Daily–and Sticking with It

THE INCOMPLETE BOOK OF RUNNING by Peter Sagal will make you want to run a marathon after finishing this book! In 2019, if you’re goal is getting fit than running is the perfect exercise for you. Running will tone you up, relieve stress, strengthen your lungs, and more! Peter Sagal’s advice will have you completing a 7-minute mile in no time.

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