12 Creative Kids’ Party Favors They’ll Want to Actually Use

Kim McCosker is the co-creator of the most successful cookbook series in Australia—4 Ingredients. She is the author of 4 Ingredients Kids, 4 Ingredients One Pot, One Bowl, and, with Rachael Bermingham, 4 Ingredients and 4 Ingredients Gluten-Free. She lives in Australia with her family. Find out more at 4Ingredients.com.au.

playdough_400Having a kids party? Enough with the cheap, junky, throw-away toys. Instead, fill their favor bags with one of these inexpensive but clever ideas. From 4 Ingredients Kids.

Buy some inexpensive plastic animals at your local toy, party, or discount store and pop a lovely little thank-you note around their necks.

For each guest, handpick a small paperback or Little Golden Book.

4 Ingredients Kids

4 Ingredients Kids

by Kim McCosker

  • Get 4 Ingredients Kids
  • Get 4 Ingredients Kids

Disposable Camera
Expect to pay as little as $7 for a 24-exposure disposable camera. Capture the day through the eyes of a child.

Fake Tattoos
Come on, Mom, you know you want one, too!

Picture Frame
Take a photo of each child with the birthday boy or girl, print it and pop it in the frame to take home.

Piggy Bank
Give every child a piggy bank and pop a $1 coin into it.

Plant Seeds
A budding gardener may enjoy a pack of tomato seeds or their first mint plant (very hard to kill—it’s a good herb to start with!).

A little tub of Play-Doh is fun for everyone.

Shop around for costume jewelry. There are plenty of bargains out there for future princesses!

Water Pistols
Fun for both boys and girls.

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