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Your Fix: How to Get More Sleep

Ah, sleep. We all may have considered it a nuisance when we were children, but now we have absolutely zero desire to resist the siren call of sweet, seductive slumber. Especially because we now understand that no amount of coffee in the world can equip a person for a hectic day quite like a good night’s rest. And when you don’t get enough shuteye? In the short-term, you may feel groggy and unable to focus, which can impact your performance at work. After long periods without enough, you can even suffer serious health problems. Basically, feeling your best each day starts with spending some quality time with your face mashed into a pillow.

Can’t turn your brain off at the end of a long day? Regularly stay up way too late watching TV or scrolling through social media? Consider adding to your bedtime routine a few of the tips and tricks below. In this advice roundup, you’ll find an alternative to counting sheep: Soothing affirmations that will help you settle down and sink into your mattress. You’ll also learn why caffeine might be keeping you awake, and why nodding off in a cold bedroom is easier than in a warm bedroom. For those kept up by stress, you will see that there are several strategies worth trying to help you establish a healthy schedule. And if you are looking for a plan to follow, you’ll spot 6 steps to improved habits. Finally, you’ll pick up some wide-ranging advice on setting up and sticking to a consistent sleep and wake schedule–yes, even on the weekends.

Sweet dreams!

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