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Your Fix: How to Find More Me Time

me timeFinding “me time” is the hardest of all time to find. Bedtime, work time, dinner time. We tend to have a bad habit of prioritizing all other activities ahead of our own need to recharge. It’s time to put a stop to that. Even if it’s just one hour a week or 20 minutes a day, we want to help you find a “me time” routine that works for you.

We don’t all categorize “me time” the same way. But the one thing that should be consistent between my definition and yours…it’s all about you. Or me. It’s not about the spouse or the kids or work or friends or family. Tell them all to wait. This is valuable time that’s needed to re-charge and de-stress.

These are tips that you can incorporate at home or on the go.

Now. Step away from the computer and focus on you.

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