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The Little Known Secret to Weight Loss and Great Health

Tami Meraglia, hormone secret, hormones, secret to weight lossAdequate testosterone levels are miracle workers for women, helping you slim down, manage stress, and improve your mood and libido while protecting your heart, bones, brains, and more. However, I find that most of my female patients lack sufficient testosterone for optimal health. From The Hormone Secret: Discover Effortless Weight Loss and Renewed Energy in Just 30 Days.

If you knew about a safe, effective secret weapon for health and happiness in your life, wouldn’t you use it? Adequate testosterone is that miracle worker. I find that most of my women patients lack sufficient testosterone for optimal health. Yet research shows that adequate levels of testosterone can help prevent diseases in most of our organ systems, in addition to improving our quality of life and our figures! Testosterone changes everything, protecting our heart, bones, brain, sex life, and even fighting cancer. Perhaps you’ve noticed that men lose more weight than women do (and lose it faster)—and seem to age more slowly and gracefully than we do as well. Maybe you’ve wondered why middle-aged men still want sex although we lose the intensity of our desire for it. It’s because men have more testosterone than we do. And the issue is, could low testosterone be stopping you from looking, feeling, and functioning better? Hormone levels, especially testosterone levels, are rarely tested in women. But I’m going to help you take your body, brain, and health into your own hands now, just as I do for my patients. You can boost your own testosterone safely and appropriately for your age—naturally.

Listen to the experience of one of my patients, fifty-six-year- old Stephanie, an IT project manager. Stephanie, who is five-six, weighed in at 213 pounds when she walked into my clinic for her first appointment. Stephanie was a successful problem-solver who knew that she was dangerously overweight and had seriously tried to slim down on her own. She ate healthy foods most of the time. She was moderately physically active, playing golf once a week, walking for thirty minutes three times a week, and gardening on weekends. She would lose ten pounds or so, but the rest wouldn’t budge, even though she’d tried Weight Watchers and other programs. Obviously, something was wrong, and I searched for more information.

Sure enough, a battery of blood tests gave me answers. Results showed that Stephanie had slight insulin resistance, a condition in which the hormone insulin becomes less effective at lowering blood sugar, which can impede weight loss. To treat the insulin resistance, I immediately removed foods from Stephanie’s diet that raise blood sugar, such as sugar, fruit juices, and other simple carbohydrates. I also banned processed foods made with white flour (which quickly turns into sugar) and dairy products, which contain sugar. The ending “ose” tells us there is a sugar in the food, and when people are lactose-intolerant they can’t process the sugar component in dairy products.

On the plus side, I told Stephanie to eat nutrient-dense foods like vegetables and certain fruits more often to give her body the nourishment it needed. The changes were dramatic, and they began to work quickly. Within three months, she dropped thirty-five pounds.

At that point, however, she hit a plateau, despite expanding her exercise regimen and following my food recommendations. The dial on her scale refused to drop lower. In many ways a physician is like a detective, and I ordered additional blood tests, searching for clues to why she was stuck. Test results revealed that her testosterone level was literally undetectable. One of testosterone’s many functions is maintaining a healthy muscle-to-fat ratio. Muscle burns calories, and severe testosterone deficiency had slashed her body’s ability to make muscle and lose pounds.

To treat Stephanie’s deficiency, I put her on two products available over the counter. One was an herb that nudges the testosterone you do have (even if the amount is tiny) to be more active and available. The other product was a topical cream containing herbs that boost the body’s production of testosterone. Many studies agree that testosterone reduces blood glucose to aid weight loss. Stephanie’s testosterone level rose in just one month. Although her level still wasn’t robust, it was high enough to kick-start a new round of weight reduction.

Symptoms of insufficient testosterone are often confused with a wide variety of conditions, including depression. The doctor prescribes an antidepressant, sends you home, and the real problem goes untreated. I’m going to help you evaluate your own signs of testosterone deficiency (if any) and provide you with the tools to take control.


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