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Staying Skin-friendly While Getting That Vitamin Sea

skin-friendlyWe all love those warm and sunny days were where can lay out on a towel with a drink and good book in hand.  Probiotics for Health by Jo. A Panyko shares an important tip for how to maintain a youthful glow that’s skin-friendly.

Long, lazy days at the beach seem like the ultimate way to relax. Images of suntanned bodies and sun-streaked hair have the ultimate sex appeal for many people. Sunshine can make you feel awake and energetic. While some sun exposure is indeed beneficial and necessary, over time all of that sun exposure can take a toll on your skin and accelerate its aging.

Sun-parched skin can be dry, thickened, and wrinkly. Even routine tanning can lead to those effects. Too much sun exposure can also cause skin cancers in susceptible folks.

While it is always a good idea to practice safe sun exposure by covering up exposed areas after short exposure and using nontoxic sunscreens, there is a way to help protect against the aging effects of sun exposure from the inside out and the outside in with probiotics.

Numerous probiotics, such as the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species, taken internally can help suppress water loss from the skin, improve plumpness of the skin, reduce thickening, and improve skin elasticity. One way they do this is by regulating the immune system to suppress inflammatory chemicals from attacking collagen, structure of the skin, and detoxification organs such as the liver. They can also make skin-friendly nutrients more available to your body and reduce pathogenic bacteria in your digestive tract that contribute to inflammation in your body.

Applied topically, experiments showed that probiotics can provide antioxidant protection to the skin to help guard against free-radical damage and also help maintain a normal skin barrier.

If you want to reduce aging from sun exposure, practice smart sun exposure and nourish your skin topically and from the inside out with probiotics!

For more helpful tips for staying safe in the sun, check out Practicing Safe Sun: Melanoma, Vitamin D, and You.


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