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Replace Negative Thoughts with Positive Ones

Optimism is contagious. If you’re positive for even the smallest increment of time it can help both yourself and others. David Dillard-Wright, author of THE BOUNDLESS LIFE CHALLENGE, explains how you can replace negative thoughts with positive ones to improve your life and happiness. 

The virtuous cycle of belief refers to the process of deliberately believing that a better life is possible and taking the daily steps necessary to maintain that positive frame of mind. Even the most hard-boiled pessimist (and I used to be one of those people—still am on some days) can be positive for five or ten minutes. Extending the virtuous cycle of belief requires a daily program of self-discipline like the one outlined in this book: practicing gratitude and visualization, taking care of mental and physical health, and pushing boundaries by challenging yourself in all areas of life. As you regularly practice the discipline of looking for the positive, you gradually move your life to a better place, a place where you can more fully be yourself without constantly worrying about little daily hardships.

When you believe in the possibility for a brighter future, you set into motion a mental state of affairs that looks for confirming instances. If I think that today will be a really lucky day, lo and behold, someone pays for my coffee unbeknownst to me, a check arrives in the mail, and I seem to be getting along better than usual with my partner. If I carried around a rabbit’s foot or a four-leaf clover on my lucky day, my good fortune could easily be chalked up to superstition and coincidence. But if I deliberately cultivate a good pattern of belief, and then I follow that good pattern of belief with positive actions, I begin to move outside the realm of luck. If I make my own luck through my actions, it is no longer fair to just say that good fortune smiled on me. The boundless life is all about claiming the power that you have in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. You then develop a positive feedback loop, where good thoughts lead to spotting opportunities where you previously only saw a monotonous existence. You leverage these opportunities through positive efforts. Some of these efforts lead to immediate payoffs, while others take longer to mature. Regardless of whether the rewards come right away or do not appear to be materializing at all, you can stick to doing your part and taking care of what you can control.

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Excerpted from The Boundless Life Challenge by David Dillard-Wright. Copyright © 2018 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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