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The No Judgment Zone: A Prayer to Forgive Your Thoughts

We’re all human, so judgmental thoughts are sometimes unavoidable. However, forgiving ourselves for those knee-jerk negative sentiments can be tough. Gabrielle Bernstein, author of JUDGMENT DETOX, shares a valuable tool to forgive your thoughts and live in a no judgment zone.

Whenever we have a judgmental thought, we can erase it through forgiveness. I’ve gotten into the practice of witnessing my judgmental thoughts and quickly forgiving them. I silently say to myself:

“I forgive this thought and I choose again”

This prayer offers me immediate relief. In an instant I can end the judgment cycle through the power of my intentions. When I intend to forgive the thought, I pardon myself for choosing wrongly and I realign with my right mind. In any moment I can find forgiveness through my practice. The moment you choose to forgive your thought, you realign with love and forgiveness is bestowed upon you. Forgiveness is a practice because it is ongoing. I find that I have to forgive my thoughts all throughout the day. The ego voice of judgment is always at the forefront of our minds, so we have to lean on forgiveness to reprogram our thinking and restore our thoughts back to love. Throughout the day, pay close attention to your judgments and use the prayer practice of forgiving a thought to bring you back to grace. You can do it silently anywhere, anytime. All you have to do is choose it.

To learn more about forgiveness and the judgment detox process check out JUDGMENT DETOX by Gabrielle Bernstein!


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Excerpted from Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein. Copyright © 2018 by Gabrielle Bernstein. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

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