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Love Your Gut

probioticsFad diets have saturated the marketing and we often find ourselves giving up many of the foods we love in fear that they are the cause of weight gain.  We see little changes in our waste line after weeks and weeks of dieting and are left to wonder, “how can I really knock off this weight?” Probiotics for Health by Jo A. Panyko shares helpful insight in combating weight.


You dread stepping on the scale and avoid looking at your profile in the mirror because you know you gained weight and need to lose some. You tried every diet on the market to no avail. Your frustration level is high, but you do not need to give up hope.  The first thing to do is to love yourself regardless of your weight so that your emotions and stress levels do not sabotage your efforts. You can love yourself while working toward self-improvement.

There are many things that may be contributing to your inability to lose weight. Insulin resistance is a big one. Medication use is another. Subclinical thyroid problems, sex hormone imbalances, mindless eating, excess stress, insufficient muscle mass, age, genetics, lack of sleep, lack of exercise…the list goes on and on.

One thing that is often overlooked is gut health. Gut microbiota can affect food intake choices, appetite, and body weight and composition. Dysbiosis, an imbalance in the gut microbiota with a shift favoring pathogens and opportunists, is common in overweight people.  The pathogens and opportunists create an inflammatory situation that affects insulin and other hormones, resulting in the inability to lose weight.

Numerous Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium probiotics have the ability to affect blood glucose levels, insulin resistance, thyroid and sex hormone levels, and other metabolic markers involved in weight loss, and control the pathogens and opportunists contributing to inflammation.

A diet high in vegetables, fruit, and fiber, and probiotic intake, supports a more diverse gut microbiome, which in turn helps weight loss. Instead of waiting for the next magical diet or weight- loss supplement to arrive, focus on improving your gut health with probiotics and foods and drinks with live cultures, in addition to maintaining healthy lifestyle factors.

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