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Your Fix: How to Feel Better at Work

Woman sitting at a computer deskEveryone knows sitting at a desk staring at a screen all day is not great for your health. More and more these days, however, office jobs require full-time work tapping away on a computer. Answering emails, typing up reports, preparing presentations, and poring over research are all part of the 9-to-5 culture. You can get so caught up in these tasks that you forget to move for hours at a time. That leads to stiff muscles and strained eyes. By the end of the day you find you feel tired and drained. Rinse and repeat. Over time, this can lead to increased risks of health problems. Breaking that cycle can feel impossible, but it’s actually quite easy to feel better at work.

Small changes to your posture and office routine can make a big difference in your health. Standing up when you normally sit down and taking a walk on your lunch break can give you an energy boost. Confiding in colleagues at the water cooler and making a list of daily successes can lift your mood. Staring off into space or even closing your eyes for a few minutes can help reset your brain. These are only a few of the methods experts say can help you work healthier and more efficiently, too. Check out the articles below for a deeper dive into ways to feel better at your desk job. More energy, increased focus, and a positive outlook will be only a few of your rewards for making some changes to your routine in order to feel better at work.


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