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Chill: Try the 5 Best Stress-Busting Supplements

SupplementsReduce stress with help from these supplements commonly found in health food stores. From Natural Hormone Balance for Women: Look Younger, Feel Stronger, and Live Life With Exuberance, by Uzzi Reiss, M.D./O.B.-GYN and Martin Zucker.

This naturally occurring substance is a major component of cell membranes and is most concentrated in the brain. Among the conclusions reached in more than sixty-five human studies, phosphatidylserine helps revitalize the aging brain and protect the brain from stress. Take 300 milligrams daily with meals. I recommend 100 milligrams with breakfast and 200 milligrams with dinner.

Adrenal Support Formula
Choose a supplement containing adrenal tissue extracts, pantothenic acid, and B complex. Follow label instructions.

Magnesium Glycinate
Magnesium is a great natural relaxant. Most people are, in fact, deficient in this important mineral. Stress burns up the body’s magnesium stores. Research shows that your body actually responds worse to stress if you are deficient in magnesium. Supplementation helps combat PMS symptoms.

Start with 250 milligrams a day and increase your dosage to 250 milligrams up to three times a day, or as tolerated. If you take too much you will develop drowsiness or frequent bowel movements. Take with meals.

Adaptogens Such as Ginseng
Follow label instructions. Panax or American ginseng was traditionally consumed by American Indians as a general tonic and restorative, and to help the mind. Today, American ginseng is known for its adaptogenic properties — its ability to bring balance to a distressed system. Panax is considered by the Chinese as the most sacred of all herbs. Unlike Siberian or Korean ginseng, which have more stimulating effects (yang), American ginseng is more sedative and relaxing (yin energy) in its action.

This South Pacific herb promotes relaxation without affecting mental sharpness. I recommend the herb in an oral spray form that can be used throughout the day before or after stressful events.



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