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Autism Awareness Month: 10 Books on Acceptance and Inclusion

carlysvoiceApril is Autism Awareness Month, a time when we recognize efforts for awareness, inclusion and self-determination for every person living with autism. This year, the Autism Society is going one step further to promote true acceptance and inclusion. Tens of thousands of people will be diagnosed with autism this year; it’s time for everyone to appreciate the individual talents and gifts that all people regardless of abilities have to offer.

Here’s what you can do this month to promote awareness:

Spread the word about National Autism Awareness Month.
Place the NAAM badge on your blog or social media page.

Use #AutismUniquelyYou to promote NAAM. Paint your hand, make a video or take a picture of a handprint in a fun place, and then share it on social media.

Go to a sensory-friendly movie. Select AMC theaters show films with the lights on and the volume down low, where it is OK for folks to get up, move around and shout and sing if they need to!

Read these books to help understand autism, and what you can do to promote acceptance and appreciation of people and families living with autism.


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