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Meditation for Stress in 6 Steps

meditationNo matter your genetic makeup, meditation can work to modify every human’s response to stress. Being mindful of thoughts and having the ability to separate them from your inner self is key to living a calmer life and being more kind and non-judgmental towards those around you. Find out more about how meditation can change the way you see the world in The Genetics of Health: Understand Your Genes for Better Health.


Focus on managing your stress levels. Keep in mind that acute stress is not necessarily a bad thing if it remains acute. The danger to your health comes when the stress lingers and becomes chronic. There are many methods of meditation, and some methods advocate the use of a mantra, or words you repeat during meditation; here are some simple steps:

• Choose your mantra (any two words).
• Find a quiet and comfortable place to sit or lie down.
• Close your eyes, and practice deep relaxing breathing.
• Repeat your mantra, even if silently.
• If your mind wanders, so be it. Don’t try to rein it in; just repeat the mantra.
• After about thirty minutes, you can stop repeating the mantra, and with daily practice, you may not need a mantra to reach meditative bliss.

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