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5 Relaxing Reads to Unwind Your Mind

Man appreciating nature from a mountain top

Happy National Relaxation Day! Consider this your annual excuse to ignore your never-ending to-do list for a little while. Why? You owe it to yourself to unplug and spend some time focusing on what truly matters in life.

Exercise, meditation, cleaning, breath counting, coloring…whatever helps you clear your mind is highly encouraged today. Who knows–you may even want to make a habit of it. Rumor has it that taking regular breaks from your hectic schedule can actually boosts your energy and productivity levels the rest of the time. You know, like how a couple weeks of vacation can send you back to work refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the world.

Let your day of relaxation begin! Put your feet up and unwind your mind with an assist with this list of 5 relaxing reads. You’ll discover practical techniques for quickly releasing tension and humorous ways to live your best life. You’ll also find convincing reasons to try hobbies you may suck at, clear benefits to doing absolutely nothing, and peaceful patterns to color. Basically, do what you want to do! Your mind and body will thank you.


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