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Nurture Your Mind, Body, and Spirit with These 5 Books

Balancing mind, body, and spiritWe all aspire to a happy, well-rounded life. Successful career, thriving marriage and family, good health…we want it all. And we deserve it. Yet as we all know, the universe likes to keep us on our toes. When we focus too much on one aspect of our lives (say, finding and adjusting to a new job), we can lose sight of the others (like our fitness). That’s why finding the right balance is vital. Only when we take a holistic approach to our well-being can we truly find the peace we seek. Our mind, body, and spirit are all connected, which is why we must tend to all three together. The 5 books recommended below will help you achieve balance through the power of intention, the practices of tai chi and yoga, and more.


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