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10 Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s

Early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease matters. Learn to detect the early signs with help from Alzheimer’s in America: The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer’s, a study by Maria Shriver and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Memory loss that disrupts daily life may be a symptom of Alzheimer’s, a fatal brain disease that causes a slow decline in memory, thinking and reasoning skills. Every individual may experience one or more of these signs in different degrees. If you notice any of them, please see a doctor. For more information, visit

1. Memory loss that disrupts daily life
2. Challenges in planning or solving problems
3. Difficulty completing familiar tasks at home, at work or at leisure
4. Confusion with time or place
5. Trouble understanding visual images and spatial relationships
6. New problems with words in speaking or writing
7. Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
8. Decreased or poor judgment
9. Withdrawal from work or social activities
10. Changes in mood and personality

Maria Shriver, author of Alzheimer’s in America: The Shriver Report on Women and Alzheimer’s, is the author of six books, an Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning broadcast journalist, and the former First Lady of California. Shriver was co-executive producer of the Emmy Award-winning four-part HBO documentary series, The Alzheimer’s Project, which took an inside look at cutting-edge research in the country’s leading Alzheimer laboratories and examined the effects of Alzheimer’s on people with the disease and their families.



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