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Fun in the Sun: 6 Nature Books to Inspire You to Step Outside

New Year New You, new year's resolutions, year if yes, shonda rimes, tony robbins, money master the game, wake up happy, michael strahan, Elizabeth Gilbert,Why not take advantage of the warm weather and sunshine by spending some time in the great outdoors?! Camping and hiking are a few of the fun activities that will inspire your inner outdoorsman this summer, and a few nature books can get you started.

Wondering what type of adventures to plan? You can always explore a local campsite or reservoir in these comfortable temperatures. Even simply taking a long walk or hike can help clear you mind and de-stress, while also giving you the opportunity to experience new animals, plants, and scenery you might encounter along the way.

If your spring/summer plans include going hiking or camping, you might want to read up on some of the specific sites you’re considering. Refreshing your memory on how to put together a fire, hunt, and other survivalist tactics can also be extremely helpful. Plus, be sure to learn about what animals, trees, and plants reside in the outdoors.

Whatever your summer plans entail, these 6 nature books are sure to inspire you to step outside this season.


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