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All Green Things: Farmers’ Market Shopping Checklist

A Produce Shopping Guide for the Farmers MarketBy Kristin Sidorov
The wonderful season of farmers’ markets is upon us. Whether you’re a market novice or produce pro, here’s what you need to know to be a happy, savvy greenmarket shopper. A lot of it is instinct, or as Top Chef Jonathan Waxman put it, “I let the vegetables talk to me, not the other way around. They say ‘Pick me!'”

You’ll also need to come to the farmers’ market prepared. This doesn’t mean a lot of work on your part; it’s just a series of simple steps that will become second nature once you are a regular:
Bring cash, take your own bags, and survey the goods before committing to a purchase. Next steps:
Ask for a taste. Unlike the supermarket, farmers want you to try their goods.
Touch. Sometimes, fruit that looks ripe is still hard, and veggies that look perfect may have hidden mushy spots.
Stay cool. Keep small ice packs in your bag for meat, fish and dairy purchases. Alternatively, if you drive, keep a cooler in your car.
Above all else, get there early. Benjamin Franklin and the early bird are both right on this one. The later it gets, the less variety you’ll have to choose from (and some of the veggies may look worse for the wear on a hot day).

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