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3 Ways to Create the Burning Man Experience Year-Round

Burning Man is an event held every September celebrating community and art in Nevada’s Black Rock Desert. Attending can help you feel more connected to what’s truly important in life. But why wait a whole year to feel that way again? Marci Zaroff, author of ecoRENAISSANCE, shares 3 ways to recreate the experience each day at home.

You can take the human out of the festival, but you can’t take the festival out of the human. I think that Burning Man is a phenomenon that everyone should experience at least once in his or her life, if possible. But what about if you’ve never been, can’t make it this year, or just got back and have the post-festival blues? How can we create our own Burning Man experience within our everyday lives and communities?

  • Connect with nature. Find a way to immerse yourself in the beauty of the natural world every day. Simple daily actions could include tending to a potted plant or a small garden or taking a walk in a park. In the spirit of Burning Man, bike to work and your favorite destinations—and make sure you literally stop to smell the roses! On days with more free time, go for a hike or a longer walk somewhere more remote, where you can truly be still and connect with the beauty of the world around you. And this doesn’t have to be limited to sunny, pleasant days. Just as the dust storms are integral and powerful parts of the Burning Man experience, let yourself be awed by the magnificence of nature wherever you are and whatever season surrounds you.
  • Form a community that gets it. We feel supported when we’re with other people who are growing, learning, and expanding. Our society at large can be confusing and chaotic, and while it’s important to spread education outside of the proverbial choir, it’s just as necessary to feel supported on your journey. And that way, sustainability efforts are entertaining and connective—if you feel isolated and exhausted instead of empowered, you may not fulfill your highest desires or meet your true potential.
  • Challenge yourself to limit resources—but make it fun. The conditions of Burning Man make awareness effortless. People enjoy getting creative with resources because it’s part of the overall experience. So, in the context of everyday life, turn conservation from a chore into a game. Each day, write down three things you could cut down on. Limiting—or eliminating—packaging, plastic (especially bottles, bags, and straws), paper, toilet paper, electricity, and food waste could make it onto your list. If you have a competitive spirit, expand the challenge to your friends. And if you have kids, make it a game, with prizes. (Tip: Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home is a fantastic resource for creative ways to conserve.)

To learn more about how to embrace green culture while still living your best life, pick up a copy of Marci Zaroff’s ecoRENAISSANCE.


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Excerpted from ECOrenaissance by Marci Zaroff. Copyright © 2018 by Marci Zaroff Sustainable Brands, LLC. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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