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Take Charge of Your Wellness with Online Healing

beautiful girl with gym equipmentIf you’d like to make over your life, the best way to start is by taking better care of yourself. We don’t just mean eating more greens, or getting eight hours of sleep a night (though that’s a great start). For years, our favorite, most respected health expert has been Dr. David B. Agus, author of A Short Guide to a Long Life, professor of medicine and engineering at USC’s Keck School of Medicine, and CBS News medical contributor.

Dr. Agus has taught us much about taking control of our own health care, and from his book took to heart life-changing recommendations, such as:
Take a daily baby aspirin to fight inflammation, prevent cancer, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Skip the detox diets; they’re completely unnecessary and bogus.
Don’t crumple into a whiny, couch-bound ball when hit with a big, bad winter cold. It makes you stay sick longer.
Get your damn flu shot. Every year.
—Keeping a regular schedule can be the most important element of a healthy lifestyle. Here’s why.

Now, the empowering health expertise of Dr. Agus is available in a special online course, giving us the tools to help improve and manage our own health. You can learn how to choose the right doctor, what tests and health steps you should be taking in each decade of your life, and get the inside scoop on recent medical studies and their impact on our well being. We cannot stress enough what a valuable asset this is from one of the medical field’s most credible experts.

The course includes a downloadable 21-page workbook that you can use year after year to record your personal health inventory, refer to definitions of basic tests, guidelines for managing your health decade by decade, and much more. You can put into action a plan to make a difference right now that will benefit you years down the line. Here’s to your health!



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