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How Learning a Language Could Save a Life

Young Girl Talking To Male Nurse In Hospital RoomWe all know how important it is to be multilingual, and many of us have learning a new language at the top of our lengthy to-do lists. But if you work in a hospital, being bilingual can also be critical to a patient’s health. No one knows this better than David, a hospital worker who learned Spanish and now connects better with his patients—and advanced his career by passing required language tests.

Despite the uptick in usage of language learning programs, 73 percent of Americans are unable to hold a conversation in more than one language. The biggest challenges cited are difficulty (32 percent) and not having enough time (29 percent). Nearly one-fifth (18 percent) of Americans felt they were “too old” to learn a language; 16 percent were intimidated because they had failed at learning a new language in the past.

“Knowing their language really helps generate rapport,” David notes. “You get to know the patient better on a personal level, and in healthcare I think that’s very critical.”

He used Pimsleur Language Programs to learn Spanish, bettering his communication with hospital patients and wowing his supervisors in the process.

Need more reasons to finally take the language plunge? Multilinguals are smarter, have better memory and multi-tasking skills, and they stave off Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Dr. Pimsleur’s scientifically-proven method has been trusted for 50 Years by U.S. government agencies, diplomats, Fortune 500 companies, and anyone who wants or needs to learn to speak a language quickly and effectively. 30 minutes a day is all it takes to develop a near native accent and become proficient in your new language. Plus, Pimsleur’s portability makes it easy for you to find the time. Learn while you’re driving to work, exercising, walking the dog, doing household chores.

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