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Dr. Oz’s 7 Healthy Tips for Teens

TeenGirls_400There are just some things parents and teens may not want to discuss (or teens may be too shy to address). Dr. Oz can help teens get the honest facts and truths about their health. From YOU: The Owner’s Manuel for Teens: A Guide to a Healthy Body and Happy Life.

1) Get 9 hours of sleep. As Dr. Oz notes, many teens are getting by on 7 hours or less, and that’s not enough. Exercise can help you sleep better, too.

2) Eat more healthy fats. Teens have special nutrition and exercise requirements that will affect them later in life.

3) Communicate. Find a way to share your worries and your happy thoughts. If something is bothering you or you feel depressed, talk to someone you trust.

4) Avoid soap and cosmetics with fragrance and color. They can make acne and other skin issues worse, according to co-author Dr. Michael Roizen. Other zit-fighting strategies include topical applications and antibiotics.

5) Try probiotics and prescription antiperspirants for body odor and sweating. If these don’t work, there are other options. Talk to your doctor.

6) Use medicated shampoo and green tea to combat dandruff. Just make sure the green tea is cold before you dump it on your scalp!

7) Gargle with mouthwash and use a tongue scraper to fight bad breath. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it!


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