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2 Easy Ways To Meditate

meditation, Joseph Cardillo, Body Intelligence, 25 easy ways to meditateMeditation does more than just relax your body, it actually changes the way we regulate how our mind operates. It can help you achieve a mind/body balance in ways you could never imagine. Joseph Cardillo explains the two most popular methods of meditation in Body Intelligence: Harness Your Body’s Energies for Your Best Life.

Meditation is one way you can use mindfulness to regulate the way your mind is automatically activating various procedures, making them work for you more strategically, as well as deactivating ones that are disempowering. It is also the best way we have to cultivate more psychological currency, physical energy and spiritual energy, and ultimately achieve a greater level of alertness. Used properly, meditation will amplify the effects of all other methods of cultivating energy. It is an essential skill for achieving unity of body-mind-spirit and for accessing, transferring, and transforming energies throughout your whole being.

There are many types of meditation. The most popular type, however, is emptying your mind of thoughts, feelings, and voices; sitting with your eyes closed; and slowing and deepening your breathing in order to silence your mind. Whenever your attention wanders to a thought or an internal voice, reel it back in by focusing on the sound of your breathing. This is known as a concentration meditation. Your point of concentration can be the sound of your breathing or something else, such as an object, word, or color. Remember, these are all forms of energy, and they carry information and power you can use.

Another popular form of meditation involves widening your focus to take in the whole river of data coming at you. Here, you ready yourself as you did in the concentration meditation, yet rather than narrowing your focus to an object or the sound of your breathing, you are simply observing all of the information entering your field, trying not to judge, disturb, or attach to any of it as it flows through your mind. This is like watching thoughts, images, and feelings float across your mind as if they were leaves reflecting in a shimmering lake.

Both forms of meditation are effective, and many individuals practice them to relax or just get their mind off of things. The reason they work is because they slow you down, but they do not dilute alertness. In fact, your alertness should increase. Primarily, you are placing your thoughts and feelings in the background of your awareness and letting your pure, unthinking alertness flow into the foreground. You are energetically relaxed, yes, but you are also simultaneously increasing the crispness of your attention.


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