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10 Remedies to Take When You Get That Holiday Cold or Flu

How Counterfeit Drugs Are Killing Americans, counterfeit drugs, screening over-the-counter medicineThe holiday season is right around the corner and no one wants to be sick while your friends and family are out celebrating. Flu shots, airborne, and soap can only help so much when you’re avoiding that dreaded holiday cold/flu. Keith Bradford, author of HOLIDAY HACKS, gives a few at home remedies for getting rid of your headache, fever, and sniffles. 

#1: Grapefruit seed extract: Put five to fifteen drops in a cup of fruit juice. This has been known to boost your immune system. Do not use when breastfeeding!

#2: Catnip tea: This tea is not for cats. It stops the sick sweats and helps you get into that deep sleep cycle.

#3: Tea tree oil: Place a drop on your finger and suck it off. Swish it around your mouth and then spit out. Great for easing a sore throat or headache.

#4: Hot salt water: Gargling an 8-ounce glass of hot water with 1 ⁄4–1/2 teaspoon salt mixed in three or four times a day will help relieve pain from a swollen throat.

#5: Apple cider vinegar: Sip a glass of hot water with 2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon raw honey mixed in. This helps your body fight infection and will cut through any phlegm in your throat.

#6: Activated charcoal pills: These pills bind toxins and sickness-causing germs in your digestive system.

#7: Detox bath: Mix 2 cups Epsom salt, 1 ⁄4 cup grated ginger, and six to eight drops eucalyptus oil into a hot bath (as hot as you can stand).

#8: Ginger root: A spoonful of this stuff will take care of any nausea. It’s best to take it after a meal because it can be acidic in your stomach.

#9: Peppermint oil: Rub five drops onto the bottom of each foot. This will reduce any fever you have.

#10: Coconut oil: Mix a scoop into your food or tea to help strengthen your immune system and deter illness.

For more advice on how to get through the holiday season, pick up a copy of HOLIDAY HACKS by Keith Bradford!


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Excerpted from Holiday Hacks by Keith Bradford. Copyright © 2018 by Keith Bradford. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.


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