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Your Fix: Exercising Outdoors

Spring is finally here, which means there will be lots of sunshine and warm weather during the next few months. You’re probably sick of being stuck inside of a gym all winter long in order to get your exercise regiment in. Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to step up your fitness routine, by switching it up and going outside for those steps.

Some fun outdoorsy workouts include running, hiking, going on walks, and yoga. You can even bring some free weights outside if you’re really sick of the indoors. It’s the perfect chance to escape the stuffiness of being forced inside all day because of work, school, etc.

Running outdoors is really great with improving your cardio health. The treadmill is designed to force you into a faster speed with its natural pull, so running outside is actually harder and burns more a lot of the time. It’s also more scenic compared to staring at the timer on your cardio machine for 60 minutes or so.

For inspiration on exercising outdoors:

Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash.


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