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Yoga For Weight Loss

We’re all guilty of eating when we know we’re not hungry. Instead of grabbing a handful of holiday cookies after a big meal, try this yoga sequence from YOGA JOURNAL PRESENTS RESTORATIVE YOGA FOR LIFE by Gail Boorstein Grossman, which aims to help rebalance your body’s hormonal system.




More and more people are falling prey to stress in our fast-paced society, and gaining weight as a result. When we become stressed, the fight-or-flight syndrome triggers a complex shift in hormones designed to draw on energy sources quickly in response, which can cause your appetite to increase in order to replenish that energy. You begin to eat when you aren’t really hungry or in need of food. Fortunately, restorative yoga can help you lose weight, as it helps reduce stress and rebalance your body’s hormonal system. Restorative yoga also creates mindfulness, which will help you curb your appetite and take control of your choices in general. The following sequences are designed to reduce stress and stimulate the digestive system. Best of all, they are available to everyone, regardless of body type.

TIME: 1 hour
• Mat
• Wall
• 2 blankets (Small Square Fold)
• 2 bolsters
• 2 blocks (optional)
• Eye pillow (optional)

1. Begin with Breath with Pause. Practice this for about five minutes.

2. Transition to Wall Half-Triangle Forward Bend. Hold for two minutes on each side.

3. Shift into Fish Pose with Blocks or Bolster. Hold for eight minutes.

4. Move into Belly Down Twist over Bolster. Spend three minutes on each side.

5. Move to Legs Up the Wall Pose with Bolster. Stay in the pose for ten minutes.

6. Move into Side Lying Savasana. Stay in the posture for about fifteen minutes. Use an eye pillow for deeper relaxation, if desired.

New to the practice of yoga? Don’t fret. We’ve got all you need to know.


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