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Yoga Breathing 101

YogaGirl_Meditation_300The breath is the core of your yoga practice and a beautiful way to stay connected to the body. Keep it flowing during yoga or meditation with these tips from Yoga Girl.

If you find yourself losing the connection to the breath or having a difficult time breathing, it might mean you’ve gone too deeply into a pose and your body is telling you to back off slightly or just slow down a little bit.

Keep the breath flowing in and out of the nose and try to find a balance between the two sides of the breath, with the inhales and exhales equal in length. Direct your inhales down toward the bottom of the lungs, feeling the lower belly expand. Notice how the low belly contracts again as you exhale, emptying the lungs. Keep a steady pace of breath, letting the sound of your breathing help you maintain focus as you practice.

Photo courtesy Ben Kane


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