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The Amazing, 20-Minute Fat-Burning Workout

ExerciseBike_400No need to log hours at the gym. If you want to lose weight, hit the bike three times a week for this quick HIT (high-intensity training) workout from FastExercise.

The Fat Burner

8 minutes’ hard exercise
Total—20 minutes, including 12 minutes’ recovery

This workout involves a repetitive cycle of eight seconds of intense activity alternated with twelve seconds of recovery, and is only really suitable for an exercise bike. It is based on two key Australian studies by Stephen Boutcher, which showed that HIT could lead to significant fat loss.

After a brief warm-up, you cycle hard against resistance for eight seconds, then gently for twelve, then hard against resistance again for eight seconds, and gently for twelve, and so on.

To begin with, you maintain this pattern for about five minutes. The aim, as you get fitter, is to build up to fifteen or even twenty minutes. The resistance stays constant throughout the twenty minutes, high enough so it feels strenuous. Gradually build up resistance over the first few weeks.


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