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Should You Work Out on a Hot Day?

Working out during warm weather can be dangerousWhile summer is a great time to kick your fitness goals into high gear, it’s not always easy–or safe–to exercise in the heat. As the seasons change, your workouts should, too.

Sun, pollen, and extreme heat are just some of the hazards that the summer months bring. By preparing yourself for the risks these elements can impose on your workout, you’ll stay cool and on track without missing a beat.

Pollen-proof your workouts by timing your workouts around peak pollen hours and keeping an eye on local weather conditions.

To prevent heat exhaustion, be sure to drink lots of water and take breaks often.

Sun safety goes beyond sunscreen. Check out these 10 Tips to Sun-Proof Your Summer Workout.

Working out during steamy summer months can be dangerous. These tips for exercising in the heat, including staying hydrated and wearing sweat-wicking gear, will help keep you fit and safe.

Get the most out of summer–safely–by trying a variety of outdoor fitness activities. Swimming, hiking, and cycling are fun ways to enjoy the sunshine with your family and friends.

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Fueling up is key to staying healthy and safe during your summer workouts. Read these great recommendations for the best foods before and after you exercise. Also, from cardio to strength training, find the right balance of foods for your fitness goals.


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