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Meditation 101: Get Your Zen On

Meditation can be a great and calming way to start your day. This simple 30 minute exercise can help ease your mind for the rest of the day and destress your body. Biet Simkin, author of DON’T JUST SIT THERE!, shares his meditation 101. 

Ideally, sit and meditate for thirty minutes when you wake up, though if you need a cup of coffee first or a shower to get your blood flowing, go for it! The point is that you do it. If you’re new to the practice, or find you can’t handle a full thirty minutes just yet, start with a shorter time period, say ten or fifteen minutes, and gradually increase the minutes until you reach thirty. Regardless of how long you meditate, you need to commit to doing so at least five days a week. This is nonnegotiable. As with any skill—speaking French, running for distance—meditation requires consistent practice. If you don’t feel “good” at meditation at first, you’re not alone. I bet you can’t pick up a cello and play Bach’s Cello Suites without practice, either. So don’t fret. Practice.

If you find your mind wandering, don’t worry about it. You can bring your attention back to your breath and the focal point you’ve chosen, or just let the thoughts come and go. They’re going to pass, and then there will be new ones. No big deal. The point is stay in the meditation. Feel free to focus on the feeling of your sit bones grounding you to your seat, a mantra you may have been given, and the sounds or music filling the room around you. The goal here is to reach a certain state, a kind of blissed-out neutrality that turns down the volume on your thoughts and fosters clarity.

Meditation opens a link to your interior world, and to access this space, you need to both listen and speak. You meditate to listen, so also speak via a tactic I like to call asking or what most people call prayer. In the morning and during your day, talk to this universal energy that powers your soul. You can whisper asks like, “please give me clarity of purpose,” or, “power me with the energy I need to create joy today.” Ask to be free from worry and anger, or ask to be shown true love. In making these petitions, you make yourself available to receive and expand. So, go ahead. Go get power beyond measure.

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Excerpted from Don’t Just Sit There! by Biet Simkin. Copyright © 2019 by the author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Stephanie Moors on Unsplash


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