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Get in Shape with Pre-Disney Boot Camp

Anyone who’s ever been to Disney World can confirm that there’s A LOT of walking. So, physically preparing for the trip might be something you want to put on your vacation checklist. Susan Veness, author of WALT DISNEY WORLD HACKS, shares how you can get in shape before your big trip. 

A Walt Disney World vacation can feel like a military exercise at times, so you’re going to want to do some training before heading into “combat.” You will lessen the impact of the heat, the walking, and the long days by preparing your body and your mind in advance of your trip. It takes about two weeks to establish a habit, so your goal is to begin your Mickey Training at least that far ahead of your vacation. A month or more is even better.

  1. First, start walking. Begin a semi-vigorous walking regimen, aiming to put in an hour or more each day. The further ahead of your trip you can do it, the better. This also gives you the chance to break in new shoes before your feet are really put to the test in the theme parks, and if you can get your family or fellow travelers to join you, everyone will benefit.
  2. Increase your water intake. Two weeks before you’re due to leave home, start drinking twelve or more twelve-ounce glasses of water, spread out over the course of the day. Preparing your system in advance gives your kidneys time to adjust to a bigger load and become more efficient.
  3. Morning Extra Magic Hours come early, so if you are staying at a Disney resort and want to take advantage of them, get into the habit of waking up early for two weeks before you travel. If you’re used to being up by 7 a.m. for work or school, you’re all set. If not, remind yourself it will be worth it when you’re not waiting for an hour or more in line for Splash Mountain or Expedition Everest because you got to the park during an Extra Magic Hours morning, or by park opening.
  4. Remember, Magic Kingdom can open as early as 8 a.m. (which means 7 a.m. for Extra Magic Hours mornings) during the week between Christmas and New Year’s, so plan accordingly if you’re visiting during that time frame.
  5. While you’re preparing yourself for the onslaught, consider the youngest person in the house. Does your baby or toddler only sleep when the house is silent? Start running the vacuum immediately before and during naptime until the drone becomes commonplace and baby can sleep through it. Then move on to television shows, increasing the volume over the course of a few days. Your little one will be better equipped for a power nap in the parks if everyday sounds are part of their routine.
  6. Finally, try to clear your calendar a day or two before your trip so that you can pack your suitcases at a leisurely pace, and get a few early nights. Going into a Disney vacation exhausted because you tried to do too much at the last minute is no way to start a high-energy campaign. Allow time to savor the final stretch, and then let the magic find you!

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Excerpted from Walt Disney World Hacks by Susan VenessCopyright © 2019 by author. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

Photo by Lindsay Henwood on Unsplash.


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