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Get Fit in 10 Minutes: 12 High-Intensity Training Tips

WomanonStaircase_400In FastExercise, we offer a range of HIT (high-intensity training) workouts that take as little as just 10 minutes a day. But these suggestions, many from the Mayo Clinic, can help you introduce even more activity into your life.

1. Stand while talking on the phone. You’ll burn calories and sound more assertive.

2. If you work at a desk for long periods you might consider buying a standing desk. This is a desk at which, as the name implies, you stand. Winston Churchill apparently wrote some of his famous speeches while working at one.

3. If you have to sit, try using a chair with no back, or even one of those giant sit-on balls. This strengthens core muscles and prevents slumping (and therefore backache).

4. Go and see a colleague instead of sending an email.

5. Walk laps with the other members of a meeting rather than gather in a conference room.

6. Drink lots of water. This not only keeps you hydrated but it also increases the need for bathroom breaks, which means in turn more short, brisk walks.

7. Rather than taking a break with a coffee or a snack, take a stroll or go up and down the stairs.

8. If you normally take a bus or train to work, get off at an earlier stop than usual and walk the rest of the way.

9. If you drive to work, park at the far end of the car park.

10. Keep resistance bands—stretchy cords or tubes that offer resistance when you pull on them—or small hand weights near your desk. Do arm curls between meetings or tasks.

11. Organize a lunchtime walking group. You might be surrounded by people who are just dying to lace up their trainers. Enjoy the camaraderie, and offer encouragement to one another when you feel like backsliding.

12. If you’re stuck in an airport, don’t sit down. Grab your bags and go look around the shops.


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