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Break through Your Workout Plateau

Mixing up your fitness regimen with cross training activities like spinning is helpful for breaking a plateauBy Kristin Sidorov
The pounds have been steadily dropping for months and you’ve never felt better. But then suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re stuck: The number on the scale hasn’t budged, and you’re frustrated. What gives? You’ve kept the same fitness regimen, so the weight loss should continue to be the same too, right? Wrong.

Your body needs variety — without it, your fitness level will settle into a stagnant plateau that can be discouraging and difficult to break. But don’t give up! All you need are the right tools to mix up your fitness plan and kick it back into high gear. Keep your workouts interesting, mix up your healthy eating habits, and before you know it, your weight loss will pick up right where it left off.


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