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The Best Exercises for Your Gallbladder and Liver

It’s important to create an energy flow through the gallbladder and liver meridians. Too much exercise can cause pain, but the right amount can prevent gallstones from forming. Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Tory, authors of THE STASH PLAN, share the exercises they recommend for keeping that area open and unaffected. 

The exercises with the best effect on your gallbladder and liver are those that open and create an energy flow through the gallbladder and liver meridians. These are exercises that do not make your hip flexors and glutes tight in the area where the gallbladder and liver meridians flow. You always want to keep these areas unaffected and open when you work out.

We recommend the following exercises instead:

  • Bike riding. Avoid bikes with downward-facing handlebars, such as racing bikes. Instead, choose an upright cruiser, as it keeps your torso elevated and allows for easy movement of the hip flexors and glutes.
  • Dancing. All kinds of dance are great for the gallbladder and liver, whether it’s hitting a club or taking Argentine tango lessons, like Laura loves to do. Dancing gives us a sense of freedom and creative physical expression.
  • Power walking. Striding upright and extending your hip flexors and quadriceps (front thigh muscles) helps propel you forward. Swinging your arms also stimulates the gallbladder and liver meridians running through your upper body.
  • Racquetball and squash. These sports involve constant use of the gallbladder/liver muscle groups in the upper and lower body, especially the glutes and the lats.
  • Rebounding. Jumping on a small trampoline, or rebounding, stimulates the peristalsis (involuntary muscle movement) in the gallbladder to allow bile to release when it should. Rebounding also helps to circulate more blood in and out of the liver as well as flush out lymphatic fluid.
  • Rowing, especially on open water. This all-body exercise uses the lats as well as the glutes and the IT band when you push off with your legs and pull back with your arms and shoulders.
  • Running. This activity is especially good at helping gallbladders flush out bile. Outdoor runs are better than indoor runs on treadmills; the fresh air on your skin is more invigorating and stimulating.
  • Skiing. The side-to-side bouncing motion (especially if you do moguls) on skis engages your lats, glutes, and IT bands.

Plus, find out which exercises not to do–pick up a copy of THE STASH PLAN today.


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Excerpted from The Stash Plan by Laura Prepon and Elizabeth Troy. Copyright © 2016 by Laura P. Enterprises, Inc. and Emmett LLC. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.
Photograph by Ray Kachatorian


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