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Ask the Expert: How Do I Stick to a Fitness Plan?

How long will I Live, longevity, walking test for overall health, physical tests to determine your health, David B. Agus, A Short Guide to a Long Life, Lucky YearsLooking for ways to stick to your program? Here are some smart, stick-to-it strategies provided by the experts at the Gold’s Gym Fitness Institute. From The Total Fitness Plan.

TELL FRIENDS Share your health and fitness goals with friends, family, or online; it helps to have a support group from the get-go.

TAKE A PIC Display an unflattering photo of yourself in plain sight to remind you of the cost of slipping.

TRASH THE BAD Purge your home of unhealthy, tempting foods. Make it easy on yourself, and stock up on healthy choices.

CAN THE EXCUSES Create a no-excuse mind-set—stash workout clothes in the office or in your car’s trunk.

TRICK YOURSELF Tell yourself you only need to do a half hour of work—then stay for an hour.

CHANGE UP YOUR MUSIC Experiment with a variety of music mixes to keep yourself engaged and upbeat while you work out. Switch it up when it becomes routine.

PUSH HARDER Push yourself to go the extra distance when you are tiring during a run or workout routine; just think how good you’ll feel if you finish. Plus, you’ll have momentum for the next time.

MAKE FRIENDS Make gym buddies who will expect to see you there for workouts or classes.


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