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Accused Fat Shamer Maria Kang Has a Diet Book

Fit Mom Maria Kang No More Excuses Mom“What’s your excuse?” was the rallying cry of Maria Kang heard around the world. The so-called “Fit Mom” of three created waves of controversy when she posted a picture of herself on Facebook. Posed triumphantly above her young sons, she showed off her super-toned abs with the infamous tagline right above her head.

The photo was a viral sensation. Many people saw it as an act of fat-shaming, bullying, and outright narcissism. Folks wondered how Kang could give her kids the attention they needed while clearly spending so many hours in the gym. She came back with a non-apology, telling her haters that they were the ones who were at fault. They were the ones who couldn’t say no to processed foods or laziness. They were the only thing standing between themselves and a perfect bod.

She resisted french fries and chocolate during pregnancy, so why can’t you?

Riding on the coattails of fame from this controversy, Kang has pushed herself into mainstream media. She’s been on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and Dr. Oz, plus the cover of Shape Malaysia, Sacramento Parent, and SF Weekly. Now, she’s back with the next logical step: a diet book. Follow her method in the No More Excuses Diet, and she claims you will see real change in your body after only three months.

Kang’s easy-to-follow philosophy is laid out in her new book. She discusses harnessing the power of threes in every aspect of life:
3 days = Number of days to beat any excuse
3 weeks = Number of days for a new habit to form
3 months = Number of months to see real change in your body and more

And then there’s more: She promotes a diet of 30% carbs, 30% protein and—yes, you guessed it—30% fat. The final 10% is for flexibility—you eat what your needs dictate that day. Need more protein after a tough workout, or perhaps your sweet tooth won’t go away? Build it into that extra 10%.

Keeping it simple is (clearly) another Kang rallying cry. Whether you agree with Kang’s take-no-prisoners philosophy or not, one thing she’s right about is that changing habits and digging deep for internal motivation is the way to create real change.

“You have to make time, whether that means getting off of social media early, just to wake up earlier in the morning,” she said on The Today Show. “And if you’re too tired, just commit to 20 minutes.”

That, at least, is a lifestyle change we can all get behind.



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