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A Quiz for Men: Are You Prematurely Aging?

Obesity and aging in menIf you have even one “true” answer in this quiz, you may be getting old. Address your issues and start to feel younger fast with help from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body, by Jeffry S. Life, M.D., Ph.D.

Signs of Aging

  1. I have gained weight around my midsection (belly fat). T/F
  2. I have been told that I have bone loss/osteoporosis. T/F
  3. I have been told that I have diabetes and/or insulin resistance. T/F
  4. I’m not as strong as I used to be. T/F
  5. I’m not as muscular as I used to be. T/F
  6. I have gained 10 pounds or more over the past year. T/F
  7. I have been told that I have a high LDL cholesterol score. T/F
  8. My skin is beginning to sag. T/F
  9. I have noticed reduced flexibility or increased stiffness in my joints. T/F
  10. I have trouble concentrating, slow recall, and/or foggy thinking. T/F



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