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8 Ways to Overcome Your Inner Couch Potato, Fast

WorkingOutTogether_400In FastExercise, we offer a range of “HIT” (high-intensity training) workouts that take as little as just 10 minutes a day. Even so, there will always be reasons not to do them. Stay active with these tips.

1. Write a pledge along the lines of “I will do a ten-minute session of HIT on the exercise bike, three times a week starting tomorrow evening when I get back from work.” Pin it on the wall, schedule it into your diary, put reminders on your phone. Whatever works for you, but the more clearly you have thought it through, the more likely you are to actually do it.

2. Tell those around you what you intend to do and when. Publicly stating a goal makes you more likely to follow through.

3. Exercise with others. If you are planning on going for a jog with added HIT or perhaps you want to do a bit of FastWalking, find someone to do it with. One of the main reasons people employ trainers is to get them out of the house when they don’t feel like going.

4. Join a group or a club. Set up a local group to meet regularly and exercise in the park. But don’t be too ambitious as it may become another barrier to getting going. Michael says his mother has talked about joining a walking group for 30 years. She hasn’t done it yet.

5. Write a list of potential excuses: can’t find shoes, running clothes in the wash, I’m tired, it’s cold, I’ll do it tomorrow, the dog has just been sick. . . . Now address each in turn and write down the solutions. If you anticipate potential barriers, it reduces the chance of backsliding.

6. Create visual cues. Just as you are more likely to eat biscuits if they are in full view, so you are more likely to exercise if the cues are staring you in the face. Put your running shoes by the front door, move the exercise bike into the family room, find somewhere else to hang your washing other than on the cross-trainer.

7. Be aware that you have an inner voice that will tell you “this is a waste of time.” Remind yourself of your goals. Remind yourself that you will feel better afterwards. Or simply think of something else. Your inner voice is not something you have to pay attention to.

8. Your barriers will be different from mine. But they do need to be considered and also reviewed once you have started the program. Auditing your experience will make it easier to get in the habit of doing it regularly.


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