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6 Easy Ways to Strengthen Your Relationship

Michael Roizen, This Is Your Do-OverMaking your partner feel good, desired, and satisfied is easier than you think, and can lead to lower stress and better sex. Here are some ideas from my book This Is Your Do-Over to put into practice.

Give your spouse at least one compliment every day—and mean it. Make sure to include not only the things that the person can’t control (such as appearance) but also things that require brain power (like decisions made, problems solved, or projects finished).

Kiss on the cheek. Often.

Plan a date. It gets harder and harder to find alone time, and sometimes it’s necessary to carve out that time. After all, it’s not necessarily the date itself that has to be quote-unquote romantic. It’s the fact that you cared enough to want to spend the time together.

Wash the dishes together. Sounds unromantic, but it gives you some quality talk time.

Read the same book together and then talk about it, as long as you’re reading at a similar pace. Intellectual stimulation leads to other kinds.

Take a ten-minute walk together every day. Hold hands. Sometimes it’s easier for men to have difficult discussions when they’re side by side rather than face-to-face. This short habit could really improve communication.


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