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5 Fitness Trends That Will Stick in 2012

How to save money and lose weight with the best fitness trends of 2012By Kristin Sidorov
You’ve decided to make 2012 your year to get fit. Great! Commitment is half the battle, and focus is key. But now that you’ve set your goal, how can you stick to it?

We’ve outlined five new and up-and-coming fitness trend predictions for 2012 that you can use to get back on track. Don’t let the word “trend” fool you—we’re not talking about fads or gimmicks—we’re giving you the rundown on real, expert-supported picks based on research and success. Get informed and and make 2012 your healthiest year yet.

1) Fitness Technology and Apps
New diet and fitness apps have been exploding all over the market in recent months, and now with hundreds to choose from, you’ll have all the info and resources you need to get fit at your fingertips. Trainers and gyms are starting to use online tools to complement their services and provide support. You can also track your exercise progress, meals, and motivation. And even if checking in with your phone every step of the way isn’t for you, there are tons of gadgets out there to help you reach your goals, like Fitbit, Nike Plus, and Jawbone Up.

2) Back to Basics
If you’re like us, you’re over the last decade’s bogus fitness trends and “miracle” products that fail to deliver on their promises. As consumers, we’re starting to see through all the hype, which has us thinking about what we really want from our workouts and what actually works. In a refreshing change of pace, good old-fashioned running, getting active outside, and strength training are surging back into style. More people than ever are signing up for races, marathons, and fun runs (like the Warrior Dash, mud runs, the Tough Mudder, and urbanathlons). Finding a race that’s right for you can be the perfect motivation to get in shape.

3) Dance Fever
There’s no denying that dancing, from Zumba to ballroom and ballet to belly, dancing has become an increasingly popular workout option in recent years. What seemed at first to be a passing fad has stuck around, and for good reason. More people than ever are getting down to stay in shape. The truth is, dancing is a complete, full-body workout that works, and it’s fun. So many dance options are adaptable to all ages and fitness levels, while still allowing variety to keep your interest peeked. Check out classes near you!

4) Group Fitness and Flexible Gym Options
As the economy continues to be tough, more people are ditching the gym for at-home workouts like P90X or lower-cost options like online fitness routines and videos. As a result, gym memberships are starting to loosen up, with more flexibility for your personal exercise needs and goals. The fitness industry is also discovering that options for all age groups are more in demand. While children’s health continues to be a hot button issue in America, the baby boomer generation is retiring healthier and more active than ever. Tailored group exercise training is the perfect way for younger and older adults to stay in shape without breaking the bank.

5) Emphasis on Holistic Health
People thinking about diet and exercise for their health’s sake, not just weight-loss, and as a result are being savvier about the choices they make when it comes to attaining their goals. More women are concentrating on being strong instead of skinny—a great change of pace that’s hopefully here to stay. Feeling better, physically, mentally, and emotionally, is key to a healthy life. Wellness and lifestyle coaches can help you cope with the changes that a new commitment to health requires, and can help you learn how to make changes for good.

Tell Us: How do you plan to stay fit in 2012?


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