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10 Minute Yoga Practice for Fitness

fitnessIt’s summer, which usually produces the quandary of needing to go to the gym to keep that beach body and wanting to spend absolutely no time at they gym. Not different than any other season, really.

But summer, especially, is the time of year when we become huge fans of quick, to the point fitness routines. Think HIIT workouts, bum blaster regimens, and now, this 10 minute yoga practice. Yoga mat not even required. Maybe just lay a towel down depending on where the floor is. Don’t believe that you just need 10 minutes? Put on your workout gear and try this routine from My Pocket Yoga.

A few things to remember about yoga poses or asanas. The asanas are geometric, each with its own form and shape. In any pose, there must be a clear action, sense of direction, and center of gravity. In order to maintain the center of gravity, the muscles must be properly aligned. Stability of the pelvic and shoulder girdles is essential to the balance and symmetry of the spine.

In standing poses, the feet root down, allowing the legs and the spine to lengthen and extend away from the feet. The buttock bones are the foundation in seated poses from which the spine lifts and elongates. In inverted postures, the head, hands, or forearms provide the foundation and stability from which the torso and legs lengthen.

Remember that the goal is not the pose itself. It is the meditative process from beginning to end, which includes reflection on the effects of the asana. The asanas create different effects:

  • Standing poses enhance vitality
  • Seated poses are calming
  • Twists are cleansing
  • Supine poses are restful
  • Prone poses are energizing
  • Inverted poses increase mental strength
  • Balancing poses create lightness
  • Backbends are exhilarating

If you haven’t seen the 10 Minute Yoga Practice for Energy or the 10 Minute Yoga Practice for Cleansing, you should add those to your exercise routine, as well.


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